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How to choose handbags for you the most

If you are a also fashion-conscious girl, wearing color in clothes, then you should choose popular color coordinated bag. If you are wearing a solid color clothes, then herself with some of the colorful, fancy packages. If wearing T-shirts, sports boyish clothing, for example be of elected nylon, plastic, thick canvas category of “hard bag”; if wearing knit shirts, shirts and other girlish clothes, then the bud with a number of silk, linen or soft cotton and other “soft packs” of. Of course, the transformation of the fabric, texture package also requires a corresponding change.

1.Your faces with the handbag

If you have clear facial features, your underline of the prominent cheekbone and other facial taste a little look like a boy, then the best selection for you is striped gas bags are masculine; and a girl with gentle eyes, nose, round face, she had better choose a beaded, sequined cute bag.
2.Height and handbag: the length of phase complement
When a girl want to put a bag in the armpit, then we need to pay attention to the the package thickness of the bag.. Breast rough thin waist girls should choose slender rectangular bags; and girls with flat chest, looks like boys, can choose thick triangle bags. If you prefer large handbags ,you had better consider the height. Girls more than 165cm height can choose handbags full-length of about 60cm, which can load into a magazine on end package; and height below 157cm ,an better option for these girls is choose handbags total length of about 50cm, loaded into a magazine sideways package.
3.Function and bag: beautiful and convenient
I choose handbags, not only to see the appearance but also their other features. Some bags have outside cell phone pockets, pen pockets at the same time which is much more convenient. Some handbags have installed smaller coins, keys, etc, which makes the bags exceptionally easy to use.
In all this cases, we should think twice before we want to buy fashion and luxury handbags which is so attractive to us. Then we can use them to make us more fashion and beautiful in the right ways


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Handbags at Dawn: LVMH vs. Hermès

Bernard Arnault, the aggressive, expansive luxury conglomerate LVMH head of powerful, sent a shockwave through the world of fashion and luxury end of last month, when he suddenly announced that his company had quietly recorded 14th 2% for Hermes, the last large independent family-owned brand in France.

Immediately after the revelation of LVMH, the conglomerate of luxury brands exercised their options to further increase its 2.9%
Share to 17.1%, while protesting that this is a friendly gesture of his hand was. “This is a very friendly,” Arnault – whose company is now the largest single shareholder Hermes

LVMH announced hat die, she know that one share a friendly, patriotic future interests of the House as an institution of French fashion Bought Hermes, Hermes die during outrage, dass die really easy to shift the camp sprayed die ware for sale immediately.The family and it is clearly stated unanimously, dass man in need of friendly WHEN know that Mr. Arnault, she resign “Hermes Says top execs and Bertrand Puech Patrick Thomas.

The AMF, which specifically requested tighter controls over such skullduggery during last year’s regulatory overhaul of the French stock exchange — to no avail — is now investigating LVMH’s moves for legality. “France remains the Wild West in terms of corporate takeovers,”  AMF chairman Jean-Pierre Jouyet said in a radio interview, as media outlets like Women’s Wear Daily reported that LVMH had used a variety of dodgy methods to corral the stock, including purchases made through obscure subsidiaries. But even if the AMF does find evidence of bad behaviour on LVMH’s part there is little they can actually do, say market observers.

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