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How to choose handbags for you the most

If you are a also fashion-conscious girl, wearing color in clothes, then you should choose popular color coordinated bag. If you are wearing a solid color clothes, then herself with some of the colorful, fancy packages. If wearing T-shirts, sports boyish clothing, for example be of elected nylon, plastic, thick canvas category of “hard bag”; if wearing knit shirts, shirts and other girlish clothes, then the bud with a number of silk, linen or soft cotton and other “soft packs” of. Of course, the transformation of the fabric, texture package also requires a corresponding change.

1.Your faces with the handbag

If you have clear facial features, your underline of the prominent cheekbone and other facial taste a little look like a boy, then the best selection for you is striped gas bags are masculine; and a girl with gentle eyes, nose, round face, she had better choose a beaded, sequined cute bag.
2.Height and handbag: the length of phase complement
When a girl want to put a bag in the armpit, then we need to pay attention to the the package thickness of the bag.. Breast rough thin waist girls should choose slender rectangular bags; and girls with flat chest, looks like boys, can choose thick triangle bags. If you prefer large handbags ,you had better consider the height. Girls more than 165cm height can choose handbags full-length of about 60cm, which can load into a magazine on end package; and height below 157cm ,an better option for these girls is choose handbags total length of about 50cm, loaded into a magazine sideways package.
3.Function and bag: beautiful and convenient
I choose handbags, not only to see the appearance but also their other features. Some bags have outside cell phone pockets, pen pockets at the same time which is much more convenient. Some handbags have installed smaller coins, keys, etc, which makes the bags exceptionally easy to use.
In all this cases, we should think twice before we want to buy fashion and luxury handbags which is so attractive to us. Then we can use them to make us more fashion and beautiful in the right ways


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Luxury Handbag-Gucci Bamboo bag

Gucci handbags creative director Frida Giannini has re-interpretered the classical style and brought a new look in the 21st century.The New Bamboo variation with a unique, casual and new dynamic style, reflects the views of Giannini for the luxury fashion and luxury bag.

Gucci launches the new refreshing Bamboo series in 2010 spring and summer. With this exquisit and compact works, it instantly get the love from the world, especially the Gucci Bamboo luxury handbag.

In material respect, Giannini use a variety of fabrics, quest for high-tech and brand, make it the perfect fusion of traditional quality and luxury. Gucci Bamboo bag has selected pigskin leather and sprayed paint gray color as original design, glowing the effect like “Rocky”. Soft grain calf has infected with the bright magenta and bright orange color.

Even more, it has ultra-high-tech synthetic rubber fashion style with classic GG logo imprint.Another ultimate luxury fashion styles is rubber show treated from white or black python skin texture. Bamboo is used everywhere, bamboo handle, bamboo rotary buckle, bamboo pendant on the leather tassels, etc, showing classic and contemporary style.

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Keep Everybody Admiring You Like The Hotest Celebrity Fashion Accessories

Fashion Accessories

There are plenty of styles and looks you can decide from when it comes to womens clothing. The styles and trends keep coming in and out of fashion each season. Whatever fashionable look you try to pull off using your wardrobe it is important to do it properly so you don’t look silly. Below are some easy and fun suggestions to help you accessorize your womens clothing for everyday wear. By knowing what clothing and accessories look good together it will be easier to find the items you need when you go out shopping. It’s not only ideal to find clothing and accessories that are fashionable and trendy but it should be suitable for your figure as well.
A hand bag or a purse is one of the most popular accessories that are used with Womens clothing. There are so many sizes, shapes, colors and styles. You can go for a clutch purse which has no straps, is rectangular in shape and requires you to just clutch it in your hand. They are mostly required when you don’t have much to carry with you. These have become pretty trendy after shows like Sex & The City started airing. Carrie Bradshaw made this fashionable accessory a raging success. A tote bag is very handy to accessorize with casual womens clothing. Tote bags usually have bold and vibrant colored designs and are perfect for carrying anything and everything you need.
It’s important to avoid carrying a big bag if you have a short body figure. Women who don’t have a lot of height to work with tend to look overwhelmed and even more shorter than they actually are. A medium sized tote or purse is the safest option to go for. Keep in mind the colors in your outfit when choosing your purse to accessorize. For example if your clothing has mostly browns go for a brown bag or purse. The ideal colors that generally look appealing with most womens clothing are brown, black, and white. You can go in for more bold colors as well if you own a lot of womens clothing in that particular color. Pinks and reds are also popular bag and purse colors used to accessorize womens clothing.
A scarf is a great all year round accessory that works with any type of womens clothing you choose. If you want a formal look for office, you can choose a softer light scarf made of silk and tie it tastefully around your neck with a white buttoned down shirt. During the winter you can go in for a thicker scarf which looks wonderful with button down pea coat. A lot of woolen scarfs are available with matching woolen gloves and hats to keep you warm during the winters. A gauze scarf can make any summer outfit look pretty and elegant. A scarf is a must have accessory with any type of womens clothing.
A studded belt is an attractive accessory to use with jeans, skirts, shorts, and dresses. A simple a-line dress can look sophisticated and sexy when paired with the right belt. Belts that have sequins and shimmer can make any plain outfit look glamorous and posh. This is one of the accessories you can use on any number of Womens clothing. There is a way you can use a studded belt with any formal or casual womens clothing you own. You can pick out funky colors such as turquoise blue, purple or pink to match with your womens clothing. You can coordinate a completely black outfit a blue belt and matching eye shadow to look trendy and hip. This idea can also work with other colored belts that you may prefer. Now that you have understood how to properly accessorize your womens clothing you will be ready to dress attractively and tastefully the whole year round.

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Fashion Luxury Online Goes above the Consumers Expectation

fashion luxury

For about the beginning of time, fashion luxury for woman take in and revolved around being stylish. More or less write up is filled on womanhoods who ingested to be noted because of their strength and their style feels. As it was known that Cleopatra lived to adopt classic Egyptian fashion to the next level in order to better heighten her characteristics, and Jackie Kennedy turned as the fashion arbiter of the decade when her hubby acted in authority. In totality strong women bear fantabulous discernment in apparels, and whenever you are seeking the right trend to correspond to your demands, you have determined your fresh online home.
Several women discover shopping at for apparels quite difficult. They could love adjudicating things on, but ascertain that nothing is given to suit them. Oftentimes these women frequently head to the discounters instead of the fashion boutiques that bear astounding styles. Each year a number of different trends arrive at the fashion market, assuring that there’s something to accommodate every fashion luxury aficionado. Clothes designer are going beyond their skills to satisfy them. The cloth that is used now is of much higher quality, and the style of the apparel is entailed to flatter their body, not the models and mannequins.
Bargain brand apparels are made in factories that make up hundreds of the same thing at once. Designer apparels are attained with a lot more attention. You will be able to ascertain the conflict in the caliber of sewing and cloth very quickly.

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Luxury bags in spotlight at the Paris fashion week‎

Parisian Chic has many messengers, but not quite as entertaining as the luxury designer Olympia Le Tan, whose third collection is based on maps and globes and bag his new book offers signature handbag.

Your bags are in groups of 16 and sewn by hand in a Paris studio, taken to a time when haute couture and the fashion world on its taboo loses on the growing outsourcing more and more globalized.

The fashion designer, who came of age as an assistant to former creative director Gilles Dufour Balmain Reuters before the show they had no intention of transforming its economy Shop, an international franchise.

“I have the fact that it is a business like,” she said in an interview in a hotel room, surrounded by her things. “We work as a family and I have a hand in all that off the mark.

For his third show, held on Sunday evening at a planetarium in Paris, half-British Tan cover designs branches from the book that established his name as a trendsetter, an unlikely turn of the world are mapping.

Maps, globes and books with titles like “Man in the Sky” are the most important role models for his show and give each new object is a unique shape, with many pockets lose their corners and make circular shapes and globes.

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Ashley Olsen – Mary-Kate And Ashley’s Savile Row Inspiration

Designer duo Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen showed her spring / summer 2011 collection is inspired to continue to focus on adaptation through strong London Savile Row.

an assortment of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen is inspired by the tailors of Savile Row.

The design duo – shot to fame as the star of the children – Row showed her spring / summer 2011 collection, which was presented at the Paris Fashion Week yesterday (4:10:10) continues to focus on adaptation strong and refined luxury. ”

Mary-Kate told British Elle magazine: “We wanted to focus on pieces adapted The line is named after the Savile Row and a less refined luxury, as is the trouser suit and the perfect blazer. ..”

The two 24-year-old had come to his collection in this week’s show after they forced their New York Fashion Week in September to cancel due to late delivery of a number of their tissue samples.

However, the sisters now looks happy with the 15 that make up the new line.

Ashley told WWD: “We wanted to ensure that production was where we wanted it, and that meant not in New York.”

The couple has launched a new series of the year in 2007 and received rave reviews from the line and their contemporary collection Elizabeth and James, who is inspired by the pieces of their personal wardrobe.

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